Monday, January 17, 2011


My buck-a-roo is a big monster fan. Since he has just started talking he calls them 'manu' and gets very excited to see Sesame Street monsters or read 'There's a nightmare in my closet'. I decided to sew him a monster of his own.

I drew the outline of what I wanted my monster to look like and then cut it out.

I cut out two pieces of coordinating fabric (my pattern wasn't symmetrical so one needed to be facing forward and one backward) with a dark almost plain on front so his facial features would be visible.

I sewed circles of wool onto his face and then buttons. Then I cut out a mouth and sewed green wool inside. Make sure you do all the facial features on before sewing him together.

Put right sides together and sew leaving an opening for the stuffing. Stuff. Sew up the hole. Enjoy!