Saturday, November 19, 2016

Add some Christmas whimsy to your children's room

I am so excited for Christmas.  Every year I cannot wait and as soon as Halloween is over, I'm making plans.  I've been pretty busy since I am going to school, but I wanted to make time for some fun things this weekend.  I made some decorations for my kids' room and I think they have the perfect feeling.
This is a simple felt tree. I cut felt squares of four different sizes and stacked them.  I tied a knot in the bottom of some thick embroidery thread and threaded that on a giant needle. Then I added a mini wooden spool and began poking the needle and thread through the felt.  I alternated with little wooden beads and ended with a knot on top.  It took me a few minutes and I made lots of colors.  I did this green one, but then on the garland below I made red, silver (mixing silver sparkle canvas and light gray felt squares), white, and aqua. So easy, and so cute!

Pardon the pictures.  I don't have a super awesome camera, but you get the idea.  I tied lots of funky, bright ribbon around the tops of bright colored ornaments and strong them on some light blue yarn.  I alternated felt trees with the ornaments so there would be lots of texture and fun.

This was super simple.  I took an embroidery hoop and tied three white strings to the inside hoop.  I then nestled that inner hoop in the larger hoop and tightened it.  After that I took pieces of white tulle and tied them around for that fluffy, wintry look.  I tied a knot with the white string and added red embroidery floss down the middle which was tied to funky colored ornaments (these are all shatter-proof) and hung it high up on the ceiling so it wouldn't become a hazard.

The last thing I made was super simple.  I used masking tape to create the shape and lines on a flat wooden circle and then I let my little one help me paint and sprinkle glitter.  For the star at the top, I made a big glop of golden paint and then took the back side of my paintbrush and carefully drew paint from the middle out into spokes.  It took us maybe ten minutes all together.

The colors and decorations I chose are all whimsical and sparkly -- it is so festive and fun and just the thing to get my little ones into the holiday spirit.