Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Inspiration

Browsing Martha Stewart today (I subcribe to "Craft of the Day" there) and just had to share these. There were a lot of cute ideas, but these stuck out the most to me. As I sit here on my couch with rain spattered windows and a sweater on I cannot contain my excitment for fall. Like many of you bloggers out there, my mania will manifest in crafts and cooking. Knowing my penchant for going overboard I was hoping to find inexpensive ways to do this as to not bankrupt us our first year in our new home (did I mention we bought our first?!). Of course, having a home instead of an apartment puts me in a tough spot since there's SO MUCH I want to do and SO MANY more places to decorate.... what's a girl to do? :) I liked these crafts for that reason. They are inexpensive but dress up a large space or can be used all over the place. I do not, sadly, have a lovely, large front tree, so the ghosts don't have a home, but I am thinking.... LAWN STAKES. What do you think?!

Question: I know of someone who has these ghosts made from upside down tomato cages and white fabric.... and the fabric covers the tomato cages and then they were dipped in something (water and paint maybe??) And had little faces. Has anyone made something similar and if they have.... What are they dipped in and do you have a pattern for the fabric bit?

Okay. Well, I hope you have a lovely day... and I hope it is drizzling for you as well.
One last link of inspiration for you (I made this for dinner last night):

I did not simmer for 20 minutes the first itme, I just cooked it until it bubbled and thickened and let it bubble for a minute (I also doubled the butter and flour bit because it is never thick enough in these recipes and I added them straight to the sauteed onions. Butter first, melted, then flour stirred until completely combined) and then added the (grated, not Julienned) carrots and broccoli. I simmered until the broccoli was soft (maybe 15 minutes), but not soggy (ew). It was.... yummmmmm. Soup season is the best season in the kitchen I think. I plan to make a LOT of soup this fall. If you have a favorite soup and feel like sharing the link in the comments, feel free!

Love, Me