Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Friday, August 20, 2010

In case you're interested

I am not fully invested like I should be in it, but I have another blog.
I wear a lot of hats because I cannot settle on one. I don't know that I'd be happy doing one thing my whole life.
Maybe I am just shirking responsibility by never focusing so I never have the accountability of becoming really great at anything.
Maybe. I Really hope not.
My other blog is for writing. I love to write. LOVE to write. I love reading too so it has some book reviews too.
But I kind of hope you check it out if you like to read and/or write.
I update it every couple of weeks. Sometimes more. Sometimes less.


there's the link. Check it out. I love discussing books and even writing so if you feel like it check it out. You can follow me if ou like, but if something catches your eye and you agree (or disagree) please comment. We'll chat. We'll share books, even.

Friday, August 6, 2010

p.s. since I never get to brag

Since I rarely get to brag about fab finds.... I GOT ONE!

I have a little table from IKEA (one of those simple side tables) in my little bud's room. I've wanted some sort of organizing system for toys/ colored pencils or whatever on the table....

LOOOOOOOOOOOOK! $5.00 at a garage sale.

Inside it looks lilke there used to be drawers so I need to buy some of those things like when you're putting together a target bookcase that shelves rest on and then some wood to make shelves, but I am pretty darn excited. I don't even think I have to paint it.

OOOh. Idea. What if! I painted the inside a funky color????!

What color would you choose?

Dining room makeover 50% done

So I live in an apartment. I make space where I can and I maximize design to the best of my ability. It's kind of hard. When we moved in there was clearly a space for a table in the corner of a nice-sized kitchen and there was a large spot in the front room off to the side that seemed far better for a formal dining area. Cupboard space was extremely limited and there was no place for my china, our dishes, pots and pans, AND food. We bought a couple of storage cupboards that serve perfectly as free-standing pantries for the kitchen and moved the table out into the front room.
You remember this post? All about making over my dining room table.

This is my before picture of how my dining room looked. Kind of bare (I really don't like the blue of the table anymore) and unfinished.

This is my dining room now. I am in love. Okay. I am admitting (for probably the tenth time) that I am not a very good photographer and my camera is not the best. I can't really capture just how great this looks.
BUT I say 50% done because... I am re-doing my table again! I bought some wicked awesome stuff that I am so excited to try out. It is stripper in a spray can!!!!!  Should make it a little easier to get the table and chairs done. I am going to stain it this time maybe espresso, maybe provincial. I am doing the chairs too this time and they will probably all be the same color. What do you think? If you have suggestions PLEASE leave me a comment about it. I would super, super appreciate it.

The mirrors are what I had you guys vote about a few months ago and I finally got around to painting and Mod Podge-ing them. I found the perfect paper with a vintage feel but also looks kind of fancy and french. It also draws out the creamy pale yellow, reds, and deep browns in my painting. Just the colors I wanted to highlight.

And yes, that is a chandelier and yes, I made it!

So: three different size macrame rings. Spray paint. Attach to each other with beaded wire (four for each)
Make dangles using two different sized crystals and then some smaller beads on wire.
make sure four of your dangles on your top ring have jump rings attached for hanging the chandelier once you are done.
Hang the dangles spaced as you like them by wrapping the wire ends of your dangles around the rings. Glue them in place with kraft glue.
Touch up chipped paint and paint your visible wire with white acrylic paint.
Bead more wire that can wrap around your rings. Hot glue in place.
Hang with ribbon, wire, or painted chain.

I plan to wire this so it can light up, but for now it's more like ceiling art. Sparkly, lovely ceiling art.

Have fun!

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