Friday, August 6, 2010

p.s. since I never get to brag

Since I rarely get to brag about fab finds.... I GOT ONE!

I have a little table from IKEA (one of those simple side tables) in my little bud's room. I've wanted some sort of organizing system for toys/ colored pencils or whatever on the table....

LOOOOOOOOOOOOK! $5.00 at a garage sale.

Inside it looks lilke there used to be drawers so I need to buy some of those things like when you're putting together a target bookcase that shelves rest on and then some wood to make shelves, but I am pretty darn excited. I don't even think I have to paint it.

OOOh. Idea. What if! I painted the inside a funky color????!

What color would you choose?

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Ashley Welling said...

I have that same table! I put my jewelry box and body sprays on top. I love Ikea!!

I would paint it a golden yellow or an orange. You could paint the inside golden yellow and then paint the wood shelve orange. Or you could do a candy apple red for the whole thing.