Thursday, April 4, 2013

Awesome Sauce: A SUPER quick (like, five minutes) meatball sauce from stuff in your pantry

Okey doke, folks. I was thinking about dinner. We had a pound of ground beef hangin' out in the fridge. We also had some leftover mashed potatoes from Easter. I was out of beef broth and onions/ onion powder. Couldn't make a gravy without those! No sir.

So I whipped up an awesome sauce to go over the meatballs my hubby made (I know, I know. He rocks.) from the ground beef and the mashed potatoes we had.

Now, this would be an even faster and easier meal if you buy those wicked yummy meatballs from Costco.

Okay here is the sauce recipe I made up using items from.... MY PANTRY!!! It is meaty and rich and super tasty:

1. A can of beef consomme (it has gelatin so it thickens somewhat, but you could use half of a can to three quarters of a can of beef broth. Maybe it would be thinner... maybe not. You could always thicken with cornstarch or flour if you needed)
2. A packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix
3. A can of cream o' mushroom soup
4. Pepper and garlic powder to taste

Mix it all together with a whisk and heat 'til bubblin' (stirring a lot so it doesn't scald). Pour liberally over your meatballs and mashed 'taters. mmmmmmm.