Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's my style? The hyper chameleon.

I don't know about you, but I don't have a million dollars to hire a decorator or to go pick out everything coordinating from a store all at once to decorate my house; therefore I usually end up struggling to know what I want to do with my space or wondering if the new lovely bauble I found would really go. I also kinda struggle to know what my personal style is. Do you? Maybe you have it in your head and you know exactly what you like. Lucky. I am the same way with my clothing choices, by the way. Oh. and my make-up.
I tend to wear whatever strikes me and sometimes I am casual with a little 'bling' for fun and other times I do my best to dress like Penelope... I don't have that much in my closet that really goes because every time I go to the store I pick out what looks cute and then get it home and I have nothing that goes with it. Do you struggle with this kind of stuff????
I came across this kind of fun thing. Ethan Allen has a little style quiz on their web-site. You click the picture that sticks out to you first. Do this a couple of times and then they try to define your style and show you pieces that fit you. Kind of fun. click the 'style quiz' below to try it out.
What was your style? Was it accurate? Did it surprise you at all?

Style Quiz

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