Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting on the ball

So summer is over for us. Phew. What a crazy couple of months! How was your summer? Kids back in school yet? Is that a relief for you or are you lonely and bored now? Maybe a little of both? I'm not judging.

We moved this summer and with that came a lot of projects  and busy-ness. I had no idea. Truly. But. I learned some new skills, tried my hand at landscaping, and practiced deep breathing.

To start off... I bought these pantries for our last place. They are simple and plain. We have moved and our house doesn't have a pantry... go figure. BUT! As luck would have it our two pantries fit purr-fectly into our kitchen. But. They are plain. And we can't have that!
 I had, at one time, painted these door handles black. With spray paint. I was hoping it'd give the pantries something. But. The paint chipped after a week and made a big ol' mess. But we lived with it.
 Then I went to Hobby Lobby. And guess what I found. But they only had one. So I bought it and ordered three more. They never called. The day of ourhousewarming party we called and they had some more. Order must have gotten lost. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.
And voila. Minus the baby proof locks... aren't they so much better. Still plain, simple, etc. but for the small-ness of our kitchen... perfect.

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