Monday, July 1, 2013

New Recipe: Sweet Breakfast Panini

My awesome MIL got my family a panini press/griddle/grill. YAY! So I've been using it. A lot. Good buy, obviously.

This morning I decided to try a sweet breakfast panini since the appliance was still out from pork chop snadwiches last night.


-Cinnamon bread
-Thinly sliced strawberries OR strawberry sauce OR strawberry puree
-Sweetened cream cheese (cream cheese plus sugar... however sweet you like it)
-Butter/ margarine

I used strawberry puree I had in my fridge... cinnamon bread... and neufchatel cheese.

Butter your bread on the outsides. Smear cream cheese and lay out your strawberries. Stick in the panini press and cook. OR if you don't have a panini press... Make sweet grilled cheese for breakfast!

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