Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Comin' at ya again... real quick!

Okay. So I haven't posted in a while... I am a slacker, what can I say?! But I have been working hard and just want to share what I am doing.

P.s. Hint for you: Dollar tree has 15 ft. pine garland right now. It's simple and not great but I am really impressed with how it looks up in my house. I will post pictures soon, but go check out their Christmas stuff. They've got some good things!!!

Onto other news. You remember that funny blue table? Well. I have been working my patootie off trying to get my dining area nice.

'Cept I need your advice... but I'll get to that in a minute.
First I want to brag a little!!
LOOOOOOOOK! Isn't it pretty?! Much better than the chandy-gone-bland-y that I tried to make :(. Love it?! 20$ 20$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought some fab LED flame less votive candles and whatnot from Costco so those will work perfectly! I am in love.

Look at this. Superior to the blue, no?! Bad picture, but trust me... it's gorgeous and lovely and classy in real life.

But I need to confess. I am struggling! I bought some spray stripper. I thought it was this fab thing that was new and wonderful. After THREE coats of it there was still a ton of blue on the table and after two coats the chairs were still coated in varnish. None of it came off.
Do any of you refinish furniture? I need your advice.
I got fed up and thought I'd try to just make it work as it was. So I coated it all in stain anyway. It looks really pretty and distressed and old having the stain over the old paint. I coated all of it in varnish because after drying for days it still felt tacky. It's doing okay but the stain is chipping.
What would you do?
I mostly think someday I will break down and buy a table I love from the beginning and then I won't make silly mistakes!

Have a great day and happy crafting!

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Ricki said...

Your dining area looks great! Your chandelier is very pretty, I would love to see it lit up with the candles.