Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Lollipop, lollipop...."

So. Church Christmas party tomorrow. I am decorating a table and had a fun idea to share with you all.
The theme for my table is 'Candy Shoppe Christmas'. Basically everything will be bright, sparkly, snowy, and sweet.

Lollipops made from styrofoam circles (dollar tree. They come in a 2 pack). Cut paper the size of the cirlces and the sides. Mod Podge it on and let it dry. Then use clear glitter glue (also from dollar tree) and make a sparkly spiral to give it that old time candy shop lollipop look. Add some embellishments or whatever you like. Then take cellophane squares and wrap 'em up like candy (can buy cello wrap at Dollar tree, too). Add bright ribbons and real candy to a vase and voila. Super cute.
Those fab hot pink candy canes are also from dollar tree. The snowball ornaments are from a local craft store but dollar tree has some cute silver ones that would work!

6 pack of sparkly snowflakes from dollar tree attached to rolled napkins with bright ribbon: fun!

I will post pictures after I get the whole thing set up tomorrow. I am planning to have tulle tied around the chairs with a funky ornament and some ribbons hanging out from the bow.

dunno if you can see it, but I also have a big 17" snowflake from DT and sprayed it white and then sprinkled glitter. It'll act as my base for my center piece. PRETTY! You can't get the whole effect, but there's a little teaser 'til tomorrow!

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