Friday, December 17, 2010

Another reason why I love IKEA

Firstly: apologies. Food week didn't happen. Go figure. Have any of you noticed how ridiculously, insanly busy Christmas is? I have. So. I am sorry I didn't post recipes and have food. week. Maybe next week?
No promises.

But I wanted to share with you my 25$ bedroom make over (not complete make over, but it makes a huge difference).
I have a philosophy when it comes to my decorating that if you pick one big thing to change out, you get a fresh feel and look without having to completely re-do a space. It can be as easy as buying new bath towels, or adding a few pillows and knick knacks that incorporate a new color into a space... it doesn't have to be a $2000 room makeover.
Like a ayear ago I bought new towels and a new shower curtain and my whole bathroom had a face lift from it.

So. My wonderful husband bought me this lovely down comforter ($50 at Ross) that come with two pillows. I noticed a little spot on it and stuck it in the wash. Then. I stuck it in my dryer. I am so mad at myself. My dryer scorched it!!! It's a really big dryer too. Who would have thought?!
So there is this whole huge scorch mark all over one side of my beautiful comforter.

Trip to IKEA yesterday for my birthday. (Yesterday was not my birthday, we just went because of my recent birthday) I found this beautiful cover for my comforter (what it's acutally called is escaping me right now). It was $15!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the cover and two pillowcases and I loved it best out of all of them... even the $60 ones.

Then they had a bunch of fabrics on sale for $4.99 a yd. It's the nice thick fabric, too -- the kind that is perfect for pillows and drapes. I sewed three pillow covers in half an hour last night and now my bedroom has a fresh feel. I am going to watch out for some red knick knacks to add and I think it will be lovely!

My lamp may need a new shade... Or I need to make a small pillow with some fabric that has red and yellow on it to make sure the yellow still fits in... whatdo you think?

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