Friday, December 31, 2010


I am playing catch up. I'll post pictures from recent projects (or not so recent) and if you want to see a tutorial leave a comment otherwise take them as ideas for your own!

Remade this simple paper towel holder into something I could LOVE!

Decorative cans for my teacher hubby's desk.

Father's day wrapping job. Isn't it cute?! Got this inspiration from a napkin folding book.

Used acrylics to paint this for my sister's little girl's room.

I didn't make this, but I used mod podge and glittered the edges with fine black glitter and added the ribbon

This is what my porch looked like at Halloween time.

My friend's nursery is decorated in old fashioned plane style. This was what I made her for her shower.

I also made this cute piggy for her nursery. Don't you just wanna squeeze him?

Matching card.

Made my own 4th of July t-shirt for my buck-a-roo.

My sister wanted patterns on the painting so here's the final project!

Made Scrooge's candle for my hubby's classroom. They read 'Christmas Carol' so we made some props and decorated the classroom.

Made Scrooge a top hat, too.

Made my in-laws this stocking for their care package. I think I'll make stockings for my family next year.

Okay. So. Now I have cleaned out my archives for a minute! Thanks for reading.

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Esplins said...

So, so cute! I love all your projects.