Monday, November 21, 2011

Quiet Book: Christmas Gift Idea

It is my personal goal to have each member of my family make something for each other every year. I love the idea of taking the time to do something special, show your love through your effort. This year I am making my buck-a-roo a quiet book. Using fabric, felt, my sewing macine, a pair of scissors and a little "Mighty Mend It" I will hopefully have something that will keep him happy for an hour at a time *fingers crossed*.

Bucky loves his Potato Head, but it's too big and noisy to take to church. I wanted to make him one that would entertain him but still be quiet. That's where the whole quiet book started. The background for all of my pages is flannel since felt 'sticks' to it. The large objects and all the little pieces are felt. I cute and sometimes glued all the little pieces for the house and the potato, but if there's something I think of later it is easy to add ot your collection of pieces.

Ooops. I realized this is upside down just barely. Anyway, it is grass and sky and the pieces I cut are farm-themed. There's a cow, hay bales, a white picket fence, etc.  You could make a pool scene, or a little house with flowers and pets.... whatever you want. You can even make more than one set of pieces for the page.

My little one looooooves pizza, so I made him a page with a pizza on it. I cut a smaller circle of cream colored felt to serve as the cheese and then cut red circles (pepperoni), pink circles (canadian bacon), green strips (peppers) and brown globs (sausage).  You could cut gray fish for anchovies, mushrooms from tan... whatever you felt like. The other side of this page is an ocean scene. I haven't cut the felt pieces yet, but I'm getting to it. I'll probably do some kelp, fish, a dolphin, a sail boat and maybe a treasure chest.

The cover pages are pockets where you can store all the little pieces for each page (in baggies). I did ties with ribbon, but snaps or velcro would work great, too. Maybe eventually I will sew little envelopes or baggies for each pages pieces, but for now I went with a plastic baggy.

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