Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cocoa bar plus a project I just thought I'd repost

 So, blurry. But. You get the point. I had a cocoa bar when some friends came over. I know it was before Christmas, but I thought I'd share it now. January and even February get me down. The cold and gray are really depressing. So why not have some friends over and do a hot cocoa bar to liven up the un-lively winter?
I did:
Crushed butterscotch candies
Crushed peppermint candies
Crushed Butterfingers
Toffe bits
 Not very earth-friendly, but Styrofoam cups are inexpensive and easy to clean up.
And to top it off? Whipped cream of course! I didn't take the time, but you could cut some wrapping paper or scrapbook paper and wrap it around the whipped cream can so it looks classier. I had a soup tureen with the hot water, but I also had a pitcher of cold water because I'm always thirsty after so much sweet stuff.
Do you remember this post? Well it has been a while since I made a pair of these baby shoes from this site. After all, my kiddo has been in "real shoes" for a while. I have a fab new friend who is just about to have her first baby so I had to make her some; especially since I haven't had the excuse to make anything girly in a while.
These shoes are perfect for babies. They're soft and flexible so when baby is trying to learn to walk they can still feel the floor. Or, if they haven't started learning to walk they're comfortable for those sweet little baby feet.
Hint: you can enlarge (or shrink) the pattern with a copier. If you enlarge them, you could even make slippers for your grown up kids. If you shrink them, you can make them for newborns (the pattern said they are for 6-9 months).

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