Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I am always behind.... a Valentine's project

The title seems ironic... Valentine's isn't here yet. How can I be behind?
Well, usually I am on top of holidays and ready long before they get here. And you could argue that since it is still a month away I could still say that. But I feel behind. And there is something to be said for that. Ever since having my kiddo I have felt perpetually behind. And I can't seem to catch up. Does anyone else feel this way? I always plan to get organized, to be prepared, to make elaborate things and REALLY get into holidays. But. Anyway. I have caught the Valentine's bug and had to make something today. All of this came from stuff I had lying around in my craft... blob. So, free. Bonus.

Wooden plaque. White paint. Heart cutouts. Bakers twine. Rub-on "love". Mod Podge.

You know the drill. Paint the plaque. Mod Podge the hearts down. Rub on the "love". Mod Podge to seal. Tie mini knots. Dip paint brush end in Mod Podge. Put paint on knot. Press. Dry. Voila! I have put mine resting in a black five by seven picture frame. Which is in a plate rack... thing. You could glue ribbon to the back and hang. You could drill holes. Whatever.

Have a happy day. Looks like we may actually get some snow. Better now than May, I suppose.

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