Monday, January 11, 2010

concerning bows and flowers

I learned how to make these last winter... the possibilities are endless for designs; only I haven't spent the time or effort to really get into it, but I dearly LOVE the idea and thought I'd share. These are cut from felted wool (you could just use felt to save on the cost, but there's something cozy and wonderful about real wool) and arranged in whatever design and color you choose and then sewn together by hand with a little button on top. You can stick a pin (to make it wearable on your clothes) or you can put a hair clip beneath to dress up a pony tail. They don't need to have their edges sewn due to the properties of wool once it's been felted so you can iron some freezer paper onto you piece of wool with a design you've drawn or from a stencil and then cut around it and voila!

Thought I'd re-post this here. Made strictly out of patterned/doubled-sided paper and a brad plus any embellishments you choose these are easy, fun, and SO cute and absolutely perfect for taking a plainly-wrapped present and giving it that extra, personal touch to show you really care!


Daddy O said...

How about selling these things and get a real cash flow going.

D, B, n J said...

hmmmm. Sounds like a plan, Stan.