Monday, January 11, 2010

Returning To Simpler Times

I feel as though so many neat (not necessarily important) skills are being lost with the technological advances we are so fortunate to have access to. It has become somewhat of a goal for me to learn some of the arts I think deserve to be on the 'endangered species' list.
I began just wanting to make my own baby food. It was kismet, really. Jax had a really bad night and he was over 6 months old. I started worrying that it was because I hadn't really started feeding him food and he was lacking the nutrients he needed (yes, I am that paranoid). He was napping and I suddenly felt I HAD to give him baby food right away. Obviously I couldn't go to the store while he was napping so I thought I might try my hand at making some. It turned out really well and Jax seemed to like it as much as he could.
Doing this spurred me to do more to really take care of my little family. I felt one of the best ways would be to keep what goes into us as pure as possible. I have to admit I am not as commited to this exact cause as others around me, but I figure if Ijust  replace some of the things we eat frequently that contain tons of preservatives and really unhelathy oils &c. I will be making a huge difference in our lives. I don't know that we'll feel it, but it's reassuring to know that I can do that for us.
Then upon calculating the cost of baby food alone I realized it cost us $.06 a serving for baby veggies as opposed to $.50 and up for the store bought kind. AMAZING. So I realized that among health benefits I would be stretching our dollar and that, my friends, feels good.
 The list is ever-growing but here are few of the
Things I want to learn how to do, both lost and new arts:
1. Embroider by hand (not cross-stich, but real embroidery)
2. Darn socks
3. Sew well
4. Make the majority of our food from scratch
        1. Homemade bread
        2. Homemade baby food
        3. Homemade peanut butter
5. Chocolate Sculpting
6. Reupholstering furniture

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