Thursday, September 9, 2010

Compartmentalize you life

Just to let you know I am not advertising for any company in any way for pay. These are just something I found that I LOVE and I'll let ou know the store I bought them at and for what price. You can find similar things at lots of stores made by different companies.

It's kind of a running joke at my house that I live for these storage containers. I buy them all the time and whenever I need to re-organize I buy some more. But listen. They are AWESOME. I cannot live without them (completely hyperbolic of course). So. Just wanted to share these with you. They stack and they're small enough to fit in a number of places.
.94$ at Wal-Mart means you can't go wrong!

This is a smal pantry we bought because we moved int this apt. and there was no place for food! But if I had left it as is I wouldn't have fit half this stuff so... brilliant!

So if you live in a small space or you just want your cupboards to look cleaner and more organized, go out and get some!

Oh. And of course, you can label them. The ones in my buck-a-roo's room are labeled, but I can't get a picture since he is sleeping (blessed sleep!).

Happy Organizing!

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