Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Freeze'yer cookies

Okay. I don't know about you guys but when I make cokoies I have WAY too many on hand after. I can give them away or eat them all and make myself sick. BUT. I really don't want to quarter my recipe or anything to just make a batch of cookies when I feel like it.
Plus. Remember how I want to be one of those typicla 1950's moms who has cookies for her kids when they come home from school and stuff? But baking a batch of cookies every day... not so much.
Listen. I came up with this great idea (and I know I am not the first to do this):
Make your recipe. Bake the cookies you want or need for the day.
THEN. Separate the rest of your dough into balls. Lay them out on a cookie sheet and stick 'em in the freezer. Once they are frozen transfer to a freezer bag. You will have homemade frozen cookie dough.
The benefit:
If you want to make a dozen cookies for your kids and/or their friends, if you need a quick plate of cookies to take to a sick neighbor or new mommy you will have dough readily available.
I do this with chocolate chip. I am sure you could do it with any other kind of dough.
My tip: bake on a lower setting for longer once you pull the dough out of the freezer for baking. I just made a batch from the fridge and they browned before they were 100% cooked on the inside.

Have you done this before? Which types of dough did you freeze? Was it worth the time?

Happy baking!

p.s. my recipe is jut the Nestle Toll House Recipe BUT use 3 C. flour instead of 2 1/4 for fluffier, softer cookies. AND I usually lower the amount of salt I put in recipes, but trust me, you need all the salt they call for or your cookies will be over-sweet.
I try to make them a little healthier by using 1/2 AP flour and 1/2 whole wheat. Other than being able to a little bit feel the different texture, I think they taste the same otherwise. PLUS, if your kiddos are getting cookies they probably won't notice they are almost healthy!

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