Thursday, September 16, 2010

A spicy kick to chicken salad

So listen. I love chicken salad ('cept without grapes or nuts.) I also love, love, love buffalo sauce. I began my love affair with buffalo sauce after I got married. I had always enjoyed wings but that was as far as that went. But then I married a man who loves hot sauce, buffalo sauce, hot salsa, etc. I began making homemade wings, chicken strips with buffal sauce, buffalo chicken salad... anything and everything.
Then a few weeks ago I had leftover chicken and nothing to do.
So I created this recipe.
It's BUffalo Chicken Salad.

Take chicken, tomatoes, celery, bleu cheese crumbles (opt.), buffalo sauce (I LOVE Texas Pete), and sandwich rolls.
Dice your chicken, tomatoes and celery. Mix with buffalo sauce in a bowl. I did not (for the record) add bleu cheese crumbles so I also mixed in ranch. You could mix in bleu cheese dressing if you are more of the traditional bleu cheese, celery and wings kind of chef.

Fill your rolls and dig in.

Hope you enjoy. Happy cooking!

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Zipdinger said...

Numm, numm!!! So making this. I'm a hot sauce junky!! I think I will sprinkle the blue cheese atop thee chicken salad instead of mixing it in....