Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little catch up... again

 Embroidered this for my mama's birthday (and I sewed the towel too. Broadbent's has some awesome towle material)

 Have you ever played that game, "I never" at a sleepover or whatnot? It's a fun get to know you game. The instructions I was told are as follows: Everyone in the group gets ten candies (individually wrapped it best, they will exchange hands a few times... yuck!) and then one by one you go around the room and say something you have never done. Anyone who has done that has to give a candy to that person. You can go around as many or as few times as you want. The person with the most candy at the end... wins!

So, we were playing this at an activity I helped organize and I was in charge of getting the candy. Using simple return address labels and my acrylics alphabet stamps I stamped a cute little seal and put them on four by six cello bags I had put ten candies into. I like the way they turned out. It made it so everyone had a way of keeping their candies together after the game and made it easy so we didn't have to pass out ten candies at a time when we were ready to start the game.
Mini quiches I made for the activity I mentioned above. I am not going to write out the recipe right now. If you want it... please leave a comment and I will post it.

Happy day!

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