Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Notebook makeover!

SO by the way. I have been a slacker. naughty, naughty. BUT. I have posted on project already and am about to post another. I will bombard you with projects!

This one was made for the bachelorette shower I just threw my sis-in-law. I made an advice book for everyone at the party to write down awkward wedding night advice or just good old fashioned marital advice in. You could, however, use this same process to make a new-mom advice book or a cute journal or notebook for yourself.

Take a plain  notebook. punch a hole in the cover in the front and the back and thread ribbon through on each side. I threaded a loop through and then threaded the ends through the loop to secure. Make sure you have plenty of ribbon so you can then tie it in a bow.

Cut paper the size of your cover. I only cut paper to cover the front and back but NOT the binding. You still want to be able to open up the book and if you decoupage on the binding you won't be able to bend it.
Put a piece of paper between the cover and the front page.
Layer of mod podge.
your paper smoothed out nicely (unless you want the wrinkled effect which might be cute if you're trying to make it look like an heirloom).
trim/sand with an emory boar the edges for a finished look
distress edges with ink (optional)

I took a 1 1/2 inch ribbon and hot glued along the front, folded it over and hot glued along the back.
I still had that funky orange showing so I glued more ribbon and rick rack on to fill in the gaps.
Turned out to be kismet. I LOVE how it looks with all those ribbon layers.
*Note: I did this step later but wished I had thought of it before. I glued a long strip of ribbon under the 1 1/2 inch ribbon (onto the actual notebook)to use as a book mark.

Embellish as desired.

Voila. A cute and personal notebook/advice book/ journal.

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