Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who is going to win the PENNANT?

Party week preview! Here's a little teaser. A small project to get you excited for Party Week on simpler times.
I am going to take all next week, starting Monday to give you some ideas and show you some things I've recently done for parties. Are you excited? I am! Make sure you check back every day for new and exciting and inexpensive party ideas all next week.


So. Pennants. Cute? very.
Quick tutorial on making a pennant. The one I made was for a safari birthday but you could do 'happy birthday', 'it's a boy/girl', 'boy, oh boy'(that's one I just did for a shower I threw but of course forgot to take a picture in all the festivities), etc. etc. etc.

Draw the shape of a triangle. Ideally you have an isosceles triangle{long rather than a short and squat} but I suppose if you like the look of short and squat you can do that. Cut it out with scissors or your paper cutter (I used this to achieve a straighter edge).

You've made a template! Trace out your template onto the back side of the paper you want to use making sure you have enough for all of your letters.

Then you have all of your 'flags'. Cut out embellishments. letters, etc.
I wanted this plain but the baby shower one I made had cut outs of babies, hearts, and umbrellas by the letters.

Hang and enjoy.

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