Saturday, June 26, 2010

On thrifting and party week

So. I kind of dropped the ball on party week. Sorry about that. I do have more projects to share and I hope you enjoyed the 3 (plus a few from before) party crafts/ideas.
What can I say? Life has a way of sneaking up on you. I am trying to prioritize more and spend more time with my family and less time on the computer. It's hard work!

On thrifting:

Does anyone else feel like everyone else out there has way better thrift stores with way better finds? I do. I go and have some idea of something I'd like in mind or I try really hard to see the possibilities but I rarely seem to find anything that is as wonderful as things I have seen on blogs.
I will say this: I think it is absolutely wonderful that thrifting is 'in'. Five years ago (rough estimate, actually I just threw a number out there) no one would be caught dead in a thrift store unless they were down and out and couldn't afford anything else. Now I can walk into a thrift store and it is teeming with ladies looking for a ready-to-make-it-into-an-absolute-treasure find. (That's where all the good stuff is going!) I think that is one of the most hopeful things to see. How wonderful that it is trendy (an hopefully one that will last) to save money, to create, to refinish... all of that fab stuff.
Now. I tell you what... I wish houses were like thrift store finds. I saw this house... this AMAZING house. Huge white colonial style mansion with a matching greenhouse. I drove past this house every time I visited my dad and I loved it. It was vacant. Oh how I longed to buy and save that house.
Graffiti (how lame can you get?!).
Demolition (even lamer!).
I am sure the house was probably condemned, but I hated HATED to see that treasure die.
NOW they are building some modern monstrosity on the property... No charm. No beauty like that found in a period-style, classic home. :(
If I had had the money...
that would be my huge thrift store treasure ready for fixing up.
Oh well.
Have a good night and good luck thrifting!

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