Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, friends

I made sugar cookies for my craft night with my friends and in honor of Valentine's Day. I made some of them monsters for the guys in my life so that I could make 'masculine' love monsters instead of flowers and lips and hearts (which of course I made for myself and my friends).
My recipe for cookies is KILLER. SO stinkin' delicious. I can't take credit, though. It is my mom's recipe.

Get the recipe here

Click above to get the recipe for the cookies and some AMAZING frosting.

A few notes:

For the cookies:
   I ended up using almost 5 1/4 C. of flour. Make sure your dough isn't so sticky that you can't work with it or roll it out. Try not to have to knead in too much extra flour once the mixing is done so your cookies don't turn out tough. I also ended up (but my oven is old) baking the cookies for about 9 minutes.

For the frosting:
Adding 1/2 t. or so of lemon extract makes these ultra delicious.
Less powdered sugar means a more glaze-like frosting that coats nice but you can't really do any frosting decorating (you can use sprinkles, though) More powdered sugar makes a frosting good for piping &c.
I always split mine into bowls and then color it because I like various colors and I always like having some extra white frosting on hand during decorating in case I run out of one color, decide I need another, or just so I can add some white accents to my cookies.
p.s. I have some black food coloring (comes in a tiny jar, made by Wilton, can buy at Wally World) that is indispensable. It is perfect for outlining, faces, &c. Plus nothing is more dramatic than black on white or vice-versa.

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