Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making your own vinyl wall boards

Love my cricut.
If you didn't know you could... you can cut vinyl with your cricut machine. I bought this darling tin sign at Roberts (using 50% off, of course!) and bought some brown vinyl by Provo Craft (bought it later using 50% again!) and cut this out for my bathroom.
the sign was maybe five dollars after the coupon and the vinyl was five, but I only used 1/4 of it.
If you have a regular cricut machine and you buy the Provo Craft brand vinyl (it's the only kind I have bought so I don't know how much comes in other brands' packages) you cut each sheet in half hot dog style and you get four perfect 6 by 12 pieces to use.
So, if you own a cricut or have a friend who has one you can borrow, don't pay crazy high prices for custom vinyl signs! Next time... make your very own.

Hint: If you like the painted signs you can cut some vinyl (doesn't matter the color) and place it on a dry board that has been painted the color you want the letters. Once the vinyl is in place paint the board the color you want the background. Once that is dry peel the letters off and... voila! Perfect.

Hint: Have a cricut cartridge swap with your friends so you can try various cartridges before investing in all of them. That way you won't be disappointed by what you get OR you can just save money by doing the one or two projects you would normally buy a specific cartridge for when you borrow the cartridge. I know I have a cartridge or two that I was so excited about, used once or twice and then never again because there was one thing I wanted to do with it and once I was done I rarely touched it again. I also borrowed a few cartridges, fell in love with them, and knew they would be worth buying.

Happy Crafting!

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