Sunday, February 14, 2010


SO many things at IKEA for such good prices. Yesterday I got a rug for 30$ that goes under my dining room table, I got a big leaf that creates a canopy-type feel for the babe's crib (we don't like anything girlie and the hubby says netting is), and the thing I am most excited about......
Guess how much I paid for this. Guess!!! okay. I will tell you. .47$ yes that is a period and then a 4 and then a 7. WOot! I got four of them. Who wouldn't?! They are unfinished wood and probably need a little wood filler in some spots but come on. Less than half a dollar?
I have this painting in my house hanging above my dining room table. I plan to do my entire dining room around it. Oh and guess what. I got this original oil painting for $20. that's right. not $200, but $20. It is one of a kind. You may ask where I got such an amazing, wonderful, terrific deal. The Starving Artist Art Sale that comes 'round once a year or so. LOVE IT. The only paintings that were this size and were $20 were all of fruit (motel type, you know the ones) but somehow among all of those I was able to find this for $20. And it is exactly what I loved and wanted. Talk about Kismet.
So anyway (that wasn't completely random) I love the painting but it looks a little sad up there all by itself so I plan to hang mirrors on either side of it. At first I planned to go around to thrift and antique stores to find old mirrors to fix up. I still may do this. But when I saw those mirrors at IKEA I thought it would be kinda cool to hand-paint each one and hang two on one side and two on the other.

What do you think?


Kecia said...

I found your blog on a comment on a friend's blog (Ricki and Jeremy) and was intrigued by your baby cereal recipe. I'll have to try it out. But meanwhile, mod podge on those frames would be adorable and you could have a lot of fun with the colors in the painting you chose!

Ricki said...

Yeah, I was going to say mod podge. (Hi Kecia!) I've never done it but I've seen other people do it and it turns out really neat. Also, I was thinking you could make those mirrors into sconces. Maybe get something like a single coat hanger at Home Depot, attach them to the wood frame of the mirror. Just an idea!

D, B, n J said...

how do you mean, ricki?