Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"They all paint tables and embroider cushions" -p&p the movie

I was watching the newer version of Pride and Pedjudice and heard the quote, "...They all paint tables and embroider cushions...." and thought to myself that THAT must be a lost art too since I never really hear of anyone handpainting tables.
I got the project bug and decided I had to paint a table... immediately.
Probably it isn't as fancy or refined as the tables of old, but this is my funky, personal version of a painted table.
Thing is, it is completely custom and completely 'me' and it cost me around five dollars.
I bought a 'decorator's' table at Target on sale for five dollars. Pretty much it is a circle and three legs out of MDF board. Typically people buy a 70" round table cloth and a circle of glass (also sold at Target) and call it good but I couldn't for the life of me find a table cloth I loved and that matched my living room.
First I painted it red and had every intention of painting a checkerboard onto the top (still want to do this some day) and make it a fun little game table. I never did that and when inspiration struck I was glad I hadn't.
I love paisleys. Just so you know.
So, I painted my table with acrylic paints (first laid the background [rule of thumb when painting....background goes in first] and then painted the individual paisleys) and then when it was dry I varnished it so people could put cups of water etc. on the table and all my hardwork wouldn't be ruined. This means that if I ever want to change the table I will have to remove the varnish with that awful, harsh stuff (I can't remember what it is called at the moment... paint stripper?) and sand and then re-paint. But I love it an don't plan to have to.
So now, I am in my own way (according  Charles Bingley anyway), an accomplished female because I can paint tables! ;)

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