Friday, February 5, 2010

Wooly whatnots

We love wool, right? Doesn't fray and always lends to feeling cozy. Wool's expensive, though.
SO! Thanks to a fabulous friend I found that you can go to the local thrift store, buy 100% wool sweaters and felt them in the wash.
SO simple. You throw the sweaters you buy into the wash and wash them in HOT water with detergent (MUST use detergent, it is part of the reason the wool felts) and then dry them (I did on high). Repeat, repeat, repeat until your wool is felted. It should look and feel like fabric and you shouldn't be able to tell it was ever knitted.
Your sweaters should be ready to cut and turn into projects. I am planning to make wool cupcake pincushions. Will post once that happens, but I have to build up my store of colors of wool first. Right now those pictured above are the only colors I have.

Alos, tip from the same friend. If you like a sweater you find for a child, but it is an adult size, you can just shrink it in the wash until it fits your kid. Cute!

I plan to use wool for:
baby shoes
flower pins and hair clippies
embellishments on sewing projects
 (am learning blanket stich for this very reason)
who knows what else!!!

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Esplins said...

love the idea. can't wait to see what you create!!