Monday, March 8, 2010

Book page wreath... my version

I've seen a few different versions of book page wreaths around. This is my version.
I made this for an English teacher hence the 'Bibliophile'. You could do any number of things but the English Teacher is a guy and didn't want anything girlie (with good reason) as decoration. I also wanted to use book pages for as much as possible.

First I covered my foam wreath form with book pages torn in half length-wise. I then mod podged it (I needed it to hold up since it will be in a classroom).

Then I started at one corner of the a book page and rolled until I formed this. repeat, repeat, repeat.

I glued them down using Elmer's glue. I decided after that I should distress the edges with ink.

bad idea once they are all glued down. I used a cotton ball squished onto my ink pad and then distressed the edges that way. If you want to do this to yours I suggest distressing them the regulkar way BEFORE gluing!

Make your embellishments! I used 1, 2, 3, and 4 book pages (taped together) folded 3 times and then rolled around a skewer. I glued them with Elmer's glue at the end to keep from unrolling.

Paint your rolls any color(s) you like and once the paint is dry mod podge to seal.

Fold a book page a number of times until you end up with a triangle.  cut three points (kind of like making a paper snowflake) and unfold. I did four small and two large. I double them up and connected each burst with a brad. I carefully mod podged them so they'd hold up a little better. Keep them kinda squished up so they look more burst like.

Cut out letters with your electronic cutter or on a die dut machine that you can use at certain scrapbook stores (Archivers has a die cutter in the back).

Arrange all your embellishments, hot glue it all down, and then seal it all up with mod podge again.

There you go!

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Holly said...

FANTASTIC...A book wreath is on my to do list. Very clever how you rolled and painted the paper too.