Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Simple Decorating at its... simplest?

Like me you probably have either nothing on your washer and dryer because it would fall off and break or every thing piled on it (i.e. detergent, towels, cleaners, &c.). Well... what if I told you this whole bit cost me about $7 and it TOTalLy re-invented my washing area?!

Vinyl placemats from Target. They were already coordinated and everything! about $2 each on sale
Plastic drink tub form Target $2.50 in the dollar section
A few sheets of tissue paper on sale at Target $.50
Mod Podge (had on hand)

Now. You need to know. PLacemats aren't just for your dining table anymore. I have a placemat (but no picture since it is messy) on my bedside table that a. protects it from cups of water and b. dresses it up, makes it cute, acts as a table cloth so-to-speak without covering up my cute table. Love it!

As you can see in the picture my washer and dryer are low enough that you can totally see the tops of them. These placemats will be easy to clean in the event that I spill detergent (likely) or they make a nice folding surface. I don't have any cupboards near my washing machine so I bought that tub and decoupaged it to match the room. You can't see it but I found this fab chindi rug at Target for like $5 and it is various shades of blue, white, and teal. That's where the teal comes in!

The tub was originally a strange blue color that wouldn't work so I tore strips of tissue paper and Mod Podge them on. I wanted it to be crinkled so I wasn't super careful. I plan to add some embellishments later once I figure out where I am going with it...
I have another SUPER great idea just for the laundry area but I have to track down a wire wreath form first. Any ideas?

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Holly said...

Brilliant idea! And it looks so fresh and happy too. If you want a blog button, I can direct you to a really good tutorial...here:
I would leave her a really nice comment and follow her perhaps! I think she will make them too really cheap.

or I'll help you! It is easy! Really I am techy-challenged.

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