Monday, March 15, 2010

Friend Makin' Mondays

Friend Makin' Mondays at Friend makin' Mondays
I am.... sick at the moment

I think.... my in-laws like me better than my family does

I should... go to bed early tonight

I dream.... of a house of my own

I want.... it to be old and fabulous

I know... it will happen someday

I don't like.... days with out naps for the babe

I smell... Taco meat that the hubby made

I hear.... a band practicing down the street

I fear.... everything. Especially dead bodies and spiders

I usually... stay up too late and blog too often!

I search... for inspiration

I miss.... being young and making friends just because you wore the same color

I always... brush my teeth

I regret.... not saying just what should have been said

I wonder.... if anyone reads my blog

I crave.... ICE CREAM and chocolate shakes

I remember... summer. Where is it now?

I need..... fabric for a lamp I am re-purposing

I forget.... how much I love my husband

I feel....blah. and a little alone tonight.

I can.... do anything

I can't.... spend any more money this month on crafting!!!! Eek.

I am happy.... holding my baby and writing and painting

I lose..... track of time

I sing.... The one or two lines I remember from a song over and over again

I listen... To so many things

I shop..... at TARGET!!!!!!!! And sometimes Wally world.

I eat.... home cooking almost every night

I love..... my family and my hobbies


Jen said...

I love that you are going back to the basics! I am trying to do the same and have considered making my own clothes (just hippie tops for now), but I too am pursuing the old and forgotten. GO YOU!!!!

Holly said...

Great list.

I stay up t late and blog too much...and I want to be old and fabulous (when I get old)...I wouldn't mind living in an old and fabulous house...we live in an area with great Victorians and i want to live in one.


PS-As for your question...I composed it in blogger as a new post (did not publish it, just saved as a draft). I tried (I did) to upload my photos to photobucket and then copied and pasted the html in am email to the other blogger...but it did not work...the links didn't work and the photos did not show up.

I ultimately just copied and pasted the post (from draft in blogger) into an email (not as an attachment) to the other blogger and it worked. Email me with more

MrsJenB said...

I, too, am trying slowly but surely to get back to basics in our lives. It's a long road but I'm sure it will be rewarding!

Nice meeting you @ FMM!